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The Law Offices of James M. Bader, located in Pomona, specializes in workers' compensation law. We have been assisting workers in Southern California who were injured on the job. James M. Bader helped these workers get the benefits they deserved under the law. Expect to speak to an attorney when you call us, unlike our competition. You will see and talk to the same attorney each time you call or visit. James M. Bader is experienced in workers' comp, insurance companies, and insurance claims. We can help you obtain compensation for your disability and navigate the many different obstacles this injury has placed in your path.

What is Workers' Compensation?

This system was developed to provide a guarantee to workers that they would be appropriately compensated if injured on the job. You do not have to prove your injury was caused by your workplace or another worker in order to be compensated. In return for this guarantee, workers' comp is the only resource for restitution against your employer for your injuries. You are allowed the costs of your medical case, payments for lost wages, permanent disability if you cannot return to work, and vouchers for job retraining for a different position if you cannot return to your previous position due to injury.

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When you experience a workplace injury, you will not only experience pain, but your life will also be disrupted. Let James M. Bader help you obtain the maximum settlement for your disability. When you contact us, expect a fast response time and a meeting that fits your schedule. Ask about your FREE consultation when you call James M. Bader today at (909) 525-4960.

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